Our Journey, moving forward

By Partha S. Krishnan

Vice President-Business Development

Esskay enters its 10th year since inception on 21st September 2020. Today, we are a 170 strong Company with a strong Customer base and an enviable record of landmark projects. We are proud to have one of the best detailing teams in the country. A company with strong fundamentals, experienced Management Team and state-of-the-art offices and infrastructure across Chennai & Trichy.


It all started with a dream, a vision to build  the most sought after Detailing Company in the world! I joined the company in 2017, and been a witness and part of the various process changes, induction of resources, strategy and long-term planning. We have weathered the tough phase of any business, with hard work, sacrifices and perseverance of our PEOPLE. We are proud of having the finest people, who have stuck together to lay a strong foundation.


We want to be a 500 Crore company by 2025! We have been quite successful, under the able leadership of our MD and perseverance of our people. As we grow, the challenge is to take this forward, by developing able Leaders and the DNA is passed on to the younger crop and new people joining the company.


Every single employee, should carry the pride and vision of the company, and be at the best version of himself, in whichever role he/she is playing. Learning, caring and sharing should be our second nature. Taking pride in each other’s success, empathy and mutual trust are some virtues, which every Esskayite should practise. Leaders at all levels to demonstrate these qualities, for the youngsters to emulate.


An empowered team, committed to Quality and Excellence in all their actions, with a Customer-centric approach is our mantra for success. We have built a strong team and grown from strength to strength, retaining a large part of the core team. Our people love to go to work every day and take pride in the growth of the Company and growing with the company.


We are poised to step into the next decade with a strong sense of commitment and indefatigable will to achieve. I pledge my complete commitment to the Vision & Goal of Esskay. I urge each member of the Esskay family to join hands and pledge their complete commitment to build a world class organisation!


Congratulations to all the associates and wishing you and your families a happy road ahead. May we achieve and celebrate many more landmark achievements, lots of happiness and prosperity as we march towards “Esskay @10” and for the years to come.