• 4700 tons

SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital, is a  $550 million academic medical centre in the City of St. Louis. It is a 316-bed, 802,000-square-foot replacement hospital and an outpatient care centre.

The total tonnage of the steel structure is 4,700 tons. The columns & beam in the tower buildings are defined as heavy sections with CVN requirement. Some of the base plates are 4” to 6”thick.

The complexity of the job lies in the wall systems with bump out slabs. The walls are different type with glass mullions, terracotta walls & stone walls around the podium level with steel hanging supports.

This design and build project consist of three separate buildings:

  • Patient tower building (Total nine floors with roof, penthouse & penthouse Roof.)
  • Commons Building (Two floors with Roof & a monumental stair)
  • Addition Clinical Care building (Three floors & a roof)