“Flawless Execution”

“From earnest beginnings, within a short time Esskay has established a number of small / medium / large, challenging, landmark & Signature projects to its credit. We have showcased a few projects here…”

Stadium (confidential)

Tonage : 16,000 tons

Louisville City Stadium

Tonnage: 1300 tons

41st street Pedestrian Bridge

Tonnage: 680 tons

Lakefront Trail – Phase 1

Tonnage: 410 tons

95 Street Pedestrian Bridge

Tonnage: 100 tons

Lakefront Trail – Phase 3

Tonnage: 400 tons

K+S Potash

Tonnage: 8000 tons

Fedex Indianopolis Facility

Tonnage: 6500 tons

Qusahwira Full Field Development Project

Tonnage: 700 tons

Hershey Reece West Expansion

Tonnage: 550 tons

Kurz KTP

Tonnage: 450 tons

Fuchs North America

Tonnage: 410 tons

TMMI Toyota

Tonnage: 300 tons

Crude Tower Access Platform

Tonnage: 35 tons


Tonnage: 5000 tons


Tonnage: 1300 tons


Tonnage: 1200 tons

HCA Plaza

Tonnage: 1000 tons

Norton Brownsboro Hospital

Tonnage: 1000 tons


Tonnage: 770 tons

UVAF Town Centre

Tonnage: 700 tons

River Point

Tonnage: 560 tons


Tonnage: 400 tons

Porche of Chantilly

Tonnage: 300 tons

George Mason Elementary School

Tonnage: 300 tons

KERR Elementary School

Tonnage: 250 tons


Tonnage: 230 tons

French Creek Apartment Building

Tonnage: 170 tons

255 Nassau St. Building

Tonnage: 100 tons

Media Upper Providence Free Library

Tonnage: 90 tons

YV Tech Phase 3 Sunnyside Campus

Tonnage: 50 tons

Motherson Automotive, Chennai

Tonnage: 230 tons

Motherson Automotive, Sanand

Tonnage: 180 tons

Gate 193 Expansion

Tonnage: 600 tons

CTA Garfield

Tonnage: 210 tons

KSBJ Transmission Tower

Tonnage: 15 tons